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Hello!  We are Lars and Megan - married artists, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.  At HMMM productions, we are media producers, we are creative consultants, we are storytellers, and we are creators.  We believe that whether promoting a business, sharing a one-of-a-kind experience, or documenting a personal journey, all media must tell a story.  Partnering with HMMM productions will empower you to effectively communicate and share your story in our media-driven world. ​​ 


Child Care Aware 

of Washington

"We have been very impressed with HMMM productions' work - for the high-quality of images and sound, and also for their relaxed, personable nature. Lars is great at putting interviewees at ease on camera.  He has a sharp eye and notices when things aren't looking quite right and works to make corrections on the spot."


Dance Center

"Since first hiring HMMM Productions several years ago I've been able to breathe easier knowing that not only are my studio's memories in great care but my studio's families are well cared for as well. My families are happy so I'm happy. I'm looking forward to many more years with HMMM Productions and highly recommend them to any studio owner!"



"HMMM productions took a project that I had high hopes for, and completely over delivered! Not only were their prices reasonable, they created a finished result better then I had anticipated in the first place. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a video production service time and time again!"


Every organization is different, and every project has its own set of needs.  

Please reach out to start a conversation about how HMMM productions can best partner with you!